How to get inside the examiner’s head: meet Jeff

I’d first of all to introduce you to someone who will play an important role in the blog entries that follow. Let’s call him Jeff. Jeff’s job is to mark your exam papers. Let’s take a moment to think about who he might be:

exam papers.png
Jeff will be marking a lot of exam papers. We’re talking something like 500.
Imagine that for a moment. 500 papers. And when is he marking them? Not long after you’ve sat them. Which is at the start of the summer holidays, maybe a bit earlier.

You can probably imagine how Jeff is feeling. Having that many papers to mark. When his kids are playing in the garden or his mates are in a pub beer garden. It’s not a job he jumps out of bed for in the morning.

You see, Jeff is almost certainly a teacher himself. Or perhaps a retired teacher. So he probably isn’t marking papers for the love of it. He’s doing it because he needs the money.

My point is: if you understand this, and understand that your exam paper might be number 187 out of 500, and that Jeff is marking to a tight mark scheme which will enable him to get through the papers as quickly as possible, you are far more likely to try to make his life as easy as possible. He will thank you for it. Not personally, of course. He doesn’t know you.

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